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We are dog breeders and trainers that focus on producing quality dogs. We strive to breed healthy dogs with excellent temperaments. Our goal is for our puppies to make wonderful pets as well as working dog prospects.

Chandler King

Paige Hastie

I have had a love for animals all my life. When I applied to Texas A&M University, my plan was to eventually attend the Veterinary School, but as I'm sure many of you know, plans change!

I joined an organization on campus that raises and trains service dogs and I was immediately amazed by the whole process. I went from a general member to a trainer as quickly as I could and, as the dog I was training got older, I decided to stay involved and became an officer in the organization. In my position, I gained significant knowledge of health testing, puppy enrichment, and temperament evaluations as well as how to evaluate a puppy for service work.

My focus had shifted from what I initially planned but it was the best thing that could have happened. Seeing these incredible dogs change so many lives was an amazing experience and I knew I wanted to continue down that path.

I now live with my husband and our wonderful dogs, Faron, Terra, and Minnie (and our very common, and welcome, house guest Caly), with more puppies soon to come! I am excited to be able to bring joy to people's lives with our amazing puppies!

As a freshman in college, I moved across the country to attend Texas A&M with every intention of becoming a Veterinarian and DVM graduate at one of the best schools in the country (WHOOP!)

I have always been fascinated by canine behavior and training and had a heart for people, but I simply thought it was my destiny to be a veterinarian. Two weeks into my Freshmen year the monotony of classes drove me to seek something more I decided to search for a club to join, and boy did I find one! Aggie Guide-Dogs and Service-Dogs will always be dear to me. 

My passion for dog training and helping people grew and melted together in a beautiful way which I had never dared dream it could. Not only was this hard, satisfying work, but it was so fun! I eventually became a trainer, then 2 year Trainer supervisor for the organization which only added fuel to my fire. 

I am now dedicated to this passion of not only training dogs to be service dogs for those with disabilities but also to breeding dogs who are of the highest quality. With 6 years of training and an internship at Assistance Dogs of the West under my belt, I am so excited to pursue the dream of making people's lives better. One dog at a time. 

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