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Guardian Homes

What Is a Guardian Home:


A guardian home is a very special family that works closely with us on our mission to breed high-quality dogs that can be successful as service dogs, therapy dogs, and fantastic pets. Our mission to produce healthy, well-balanced dogs is one that we are very proud of and very committed to. A guardian home agrees to help us with this mission while the guardian dog remains in our program and when the guardian dog is retired, we know they have a wonderful, loving forever family.


Why Have Guardian Homes:


We have decided to start a guardian home program so that we are sure all of our dogs are getting the one on one attention, training and care that they deserve. By implementing a guardian program we are able to keep the number of dogs living in our home lower which enables us to not only spend more time with them but also with our puppies. This benefits puppy families because we are able to dedicate more time to working with their puppies on our curriculum which means we are better able to get to know each puppy as an individual and that makes us better able to help with making sure families get a puppy that fits best into their lifestyle.


Requirements of Guardian Home:


Guardian families must live within 2 hours or less of College Station, TX. There needs to be a securely fenced in yard for the guardian dog at the home. Guardian families will need to own reliable transportation and be willing and able to transport the dog when necessary for breeding purposes. We also ask that guardians not have any other intact dogs and not own any dogs with aggression or a history of biting humans or dogs. We will need our guardian families to agree to not taking their guardian dog to any dog parks for safety reasons. We also require all guardians to go through a minimum amount of approved professional training in order to pass the CGC evaluation.


Benefits to Guardian Home:


As a guardian family, you receive the “pick of the litter” puppy for a discounted price. This pick of the litter went through our Advanced Temperament Evaluation and was handpicked by us. The puppy will go through early training and socialization with us until 16 weeks of age so a guardian family will be getting a puppy who has been through 1 to 2 months of extra training. If the dog to be placed with a guardian is older (8 months to 3 years), the guardian family will receive the dog only after an initial in-depth evaluation of temperament is done as well as 1 to 4 weeks of additional training depending on the dog and their training level before being brought into the program.

The guardian family will be offered heavily discounted boarding for their dog if we have the available space to take them during the times the family will be gone.

The guardian family will be reimbursed for 1 approved training class or program per year if they pay for and attend 4 or more.


Steps to Becoming a Guardian Home:

*Please read all steps carefully before starting the process of applying to be a guardian for one of our dogs*

  1. Read through ALL information on this page thoroughly. 

  2. Submit a contact form on the Contact Us page or send us an email (email address found on Contact Us page)

    1. The subject must read: Interest in becoming a Guardian Home

    2. You must include your full name, email address AND phone number in the information you send us

    3. If there is a specific puppy or dog looking for a guardian family you are interested in, include that information in the message

  3. We will get in touch with you via email to answer any questions you may have.

  4. After our initial contact with you via email, you will receive a link to a questionnaire regarding our guardian program and your preferences. This will help us to learn a bit more about you and will help you to learn a bit more about our guardian program.

  5. After the questionnaire has been submitted and we have had the opportunity to review it, we will get in touch about scheduling a time for a phone interview. This phone interview is the point in time where we and you will have the opportunity to ask more questions. It is as much us interviewing you as it is you interviewing us!

  6. Once we have done our initial phone interview we will talk about setting up an in-person meeting. This meeting will be scheduled at the potential guardians' home. At this in-person meeting, we will bring a copy of our guardian home contract for you to look over.

  7. Sign the guardian home contract. 

  8. Wait for your guardian dog or puppy!

We are always accepting applications for guardian homes! Contact us for more information!

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