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Looking for a breeder you can trust to help add the newest member to your family? We want to encourage people to do their research on breeders before committing to a purchase. Ask questions!

 What to look for: 

  • Genetic health testing of ALL breeding dogs

    • Recommended genetic tests vary by breed​

  • ​Orthopedic Certifications

    • Hips​ (OFA or PennHip)

    • OFA Elbows

    • OFA Eyes

    • OFA Heart

  • Puppies raised in home and/or given daily socialization 

  • Puppies sent home 8 weeks or later

  • Enrichment plan in place for puppies

  • Written contract detailing breeder and buyer responsibilities

  • Health guarantee

  • Temperament  based puppy placement and selection

Red Flags:

  • No genetic testing of breeding dogs or only on some dogs

  • No OFA or PennHip Certifications or only on some dogs

  • No information on where puppies are raised

  • No enrichment plan for puppies

  • Lack of a written contract between breeder and client 

  • No health guarantee, or one less than 12 months (also one that is only covers "life threatening" defects)

  • Pick up location of the puppy is not the same place puppy was raised

  • Any existing health issues​

  • Puppies being sent home earlier than 7 weeks old

  • Dogs being bred before 18 months of age

  • Puppy selection before the age of 6 weeks

Even if these things are not specifically listed on a breeder's website or social media, if you ask for this information it should be readily given to you. Reputable breeders will provide proof of health certification if asked.

We want to take a moment to mention why a written contract is so important. With a written contract, you are agreeing to certain things in regards to your new puppy but, the breeder is also detailing their commitments to you as a buyer of one of their puppies. In a written contract, the breeder is telling you that they stand behind the dogs that they breed. Without a written contract, the breeder is not committing to stand behind the puppy they are sending home with you and will likely not be available to you later on.

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