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Labrador Retriever


This is true for a person or family with an active lifestyle! A lab is likely to get bored left alone all day and will most definitely need an outlet for their energy. Good outlets can include running, playing fetch, swimming, hunting, agility classes or other dog sports, and enrichment/puzzle games.

Typically, labs are medium to high drive dogs and our labs will be no exception. We breed labs that will make good working dogs but will also mesh well with an active family as a pet. A lab is a friendly, outgoing, affectionate dog and will make an excellent addition to any household.


Labs have a mild grooming requirement but do have a tendency to shed and should be brushed on a regular basis. We recommend bathing your lab once a month and brushing 2-3 days a week with a rubber brush and/or a wire pin brush. The rubber brush can also be used to brush out loose hairs during bath time. Make sure to rinse your lab thoroughly with fresh water and clean their ears with ear solution every time they go for a swim if you aren't ready to bathe them.

Nails should be trimmed 1-2 times a month depending on how short you would like them to be. We also recommend cleaning out the ears every other week. Dogs' ears can become infected if they stay damp or collect dirt. And remember to dry the ears out after swimming or bath time!


Labs can vary in size and the type of breeder will dictate the adult size of the dog. Labs bred for show tend to be heavier set than labs bred for hunting but in general, labs tend to be between 50-90 pounds fully grown. Make sure you look at the size of the parents and make note of the breeders estimated range to get an idea of the size your puppy will be as an adult. Labs from our kennel will range 55-75lbs depending on the parents. 

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