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Meet our Girls!!

Click on the Photos to Learn More About Each Individual


As all of our breeding dogs, these girls are tested to the fullest extent of current veterinary science Orthopedic Hip and Elbow Evaluations, Genetic testing, OFA Eye evaluations, OFA Cardiac Evaluations as well as pre and post-breeding veterinary visits in addition to annual vet care and that is just the beginning... Our Girls go through training that suits their personality and fits their exercise needs, training desires, and the things they love. Each girl get daily individual engagement, pack playtime and snuggle time (we can't forget that). Our goal is for our girls to love their life in every aspect, they give us their all, the least we can do is the same for them!


please note the AKC does not allow unrecognized breeds to attain formal titles. While you may see videos of our doodles performing a qualifying sequence of tasks they are not able to be titled in most areas of competition

Caly beach.JPG
F3 Goldendoodle
AKC Standard Poodle
F3b Goldendoodle
F1 Labradoodle
AKC Labrador Retriever
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