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F1 Labradoodle

Sex: Female

DOB: 12/28/2020

Weight: TBD

Height: TBD

Color: Chocolate and White

Orthopedic Certifications:

Hips: TBD

Elbows: TBD

Eyes: TBD

Cardiac: TBD


Genetic Testing:

To View Poppy's Entire Genetic Panel Please Click Here

Poppy is a beautiful chocolate Labradoodle bred right here at Endless Pawsabilities! She is one of the smartest dogs we have ever met, and a beautiful girl on top of that! Poppy is fun loving, goofy and lives to be cuddled! But, don't be fooled by her angelic look, this girl is driven, hardworking and one of the quickest pups I have ever trained. Poppy's love for people is matched only by her love for learning, she will do anything that is asked of her and do it with gusto. Poppy is only a Prospect for our program at this time, she will not produce any litters until at least Dec. 2022 and Complete Health testing

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