Service Dog Training

Are you looking for a puppy that will do well as a service dog in training? We temperament test our litters and our goal is to produce puppies that have temperaments suitable for service work.

Let us know and we can find the puppy that will be right for you!

We also offer help with the training of your future service dog. If you are interested in help with training we can discuss options that will work best for your family. We offer a variety of options from assistance with owner training to fully training your service dog.

Do you already have a dog that you are hoping to train, or are already training, as a service dog?

We will evaluate your dog to determine its ability to become a reliable service dog. The extent of the evaluation will vary depending on the age and current ability of the dog. After the dog has been evaluated, we will be able to determine the extent of training we will recommend if we believe the dog is a good candidate.

Contact us

for more information regarding prices for Service Dog training assistance.