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Have you ever been told that all puppies

Are you committed to another breeder but not sure how to pick the best puppy for you? Or are you a breeder looking to enhance your program by offering temperament evaluations to your puppy buyers? Whether you are searching for a puppy to train as a working dog or just the perfect pet

We do more than just breeding,

We perform temperament evaluations on litters.

Temperament Evaluations give you the opportunity to look for personality traits that are right for you and your family. Not every dog of a breed, or even in the same litter, is the same. Knowing a little bit about who they are through Temperment Testing will help you to pick the puppy that will grow into your ideal dog.

Please note that temperament is not stable until 49 days of age and therefore we will not do temperament evaluations until puppies are at least 49 days old. We recommend waiting until 50 to 53 days of age to do evaluations, especially for smaller breeds.

Snapped some photos during play time and
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