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F1 Labradoodle

Due to Health Testing Results which do not meet our Program standards Terra has been medically released from our program and will not be producing any litters. 

Sex: Female

DOB: 1/18/2019

Weight: n/a

Height: n/a

Color: Chocolate

Hips: PennHip DI= 0.52

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Clear

Cardiac: Normal

OFA Certifications:

Genetic Testing:

To view Terra's entire genetic panel please click here


- Terra is clear of all genetic diseases for which there are currently tests. 

Please note: Terra is a carrier of Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) but this will not ever impact her. All studs considered for Terra are genetically screened and confirmed negative prior to breeding to ensure no puppies are ever impacted by this.



Terra is a brilliant, playful, and hard-working F1 labradoodle.  She is excellent at learning new things and problem-solving. On top of being beautiful, she comes from extensive lines of service animals on both sides of her family so you could say she has the brains and the beauty. Due to non- ideal health testing results Terra was released from our breeding program on February 6th, 2021 and will not be producing any puppies. Terra has taken up life as a very well spoiled farm dog with another dog, some cows, chickens, and kittens to keep her company. We have no doubt that Terra will Love her life!

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